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Firmware updater for UNO Synth

Use the Firmware updater to update the firmware on your UNO Synth to the latest version.

The Firmware updater automatically detects any UNO Synth connected to your Mac or PC and updates the firmware.

Follow these steps to update the firmware:

  1. Register UNO Synth to your IK User account if you haven’t already. Registration provides you with access to the Firmware updater.
  2. Once registered, go to the "Firmware Updates" section of your User Area on your computer and download the IK Multimedia Firmware updater for Mac or PC.
  3. Plug UNO Synth into a free USB port on your Mac or Windows computer.
  4. Launch the IK Multimedia Firmware updater. The updater will automatically find the connected device.
  5. Click on the update button.

NOTE: Do not unplug your UNO Synth while the updater is running. Doing so may result in permanent damage to the product.

The Firmware Updater requires OS X 10.11 / Windows 8 or later.

Please contact the IK Multimedia support service in case you need assistance.

What is new in Firmware version 1.1.4

  • Fixed bug which causes the synth to randomly changing presets in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug which causes some parameters to do not be reproduced correctly after recorded on the sequencer.

Previous releases

Firmware version 1.1.3

  • Improved low battery alert message:
    • Now the low battery alert message “BAT” will flash for 3 seconds when the batteries reach the minimum charge value, indicating around 30mins of battery power is left.
    • The message will be repeated every 2 minutes until the shutdown of the unit.
  • General reliability improvements:
    • Realtime recording of MIDI events improved.
    • General workflow improvements.

Firmware version 1.1.1

  • This version of the Firmware lets UNO Synth communicate with the UNO Synth Editor.
  • Implementation of improved MIDI Routing.
    • The new implementation of the MIDI Routing opens the MIDI USB OUT port and updates management of MIDI messages sent and received by the Synth.
    • Introduces the MIDI INTERFACE MODE, which allows users to enable or disable the routing from the USB IN to the DIN OUT and the DIN IN to the USB OUT.
  • When a preset has been modified, the right dot of the display lights up, to indicate that the preset has been modified and not saved. As soon as the preset is saved, the dot will disappear.
  • Added velocity to VCA parameters via MIDI CC.
  • Added recording of velocity in the Step Sequencer.
    • Velocity is recorded when using realtime recording mode and an external controller or keyboard.
  • New SysEX messages added (setup mode):
    • MIDI Interface Mode ON (default) - F0 00 21 1A 02 01 21 00 0B 01 F7
    • MIDI Interface Mode OFF - F0 00 21 1A 02 01 21 00 0B 00 F7
    • Send Program Change ON - F0 00 21 1A 02 01 21 00 08 01 F7
    • Send Program Change OFF (default) -F0 00 21 1A 02 01 21 00 08 00 F7
  • Added Easter Egg:
    • Hold ENV to assign full Amp ADSR to the 4 knobs of the matrix
    • Hold FILTER to assign full Filter ADSR to the 4 knobs of the matrix

Firmware version 1.0.2

  • Reduces the volume of the background calibration and tuning.

USB power has inherent ground noise, so when connecting the UNO Synth directly to your computer via USB, you may hear more noise and interference than when the synth is connected to a USB wall charger or running via batteries. With the direct computer connection, you can reduce the USB ground noise and other interference by either using a USB isolator or a custom TRS cable into a balanced input on your preamp or audio interface where the ground is not connected at the balanced input side.

UNO Synth


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