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RnB Pop Artist

"iRig Pro Duo I/O is a really exciting device for me because it streamlined my workflow in two ways: making my livestreams easier and higher quality, and making my writing process easier when I’m on the go and traveling.
Often, I get ideas when I’m out and about at parks, coffee shops, etc. and I don’t want to carry my MacBook around with me, so the IRig helps me capture high quality ideas that otherwise would get lost in my voice memos.
It also helps me show more of my music creation process on livestreams, allowing me to let my viewers in on my recording process and hear what I’m hearing in my headphones."

Tianda is a Canadian artist whose songs unravel themes of love, self-reflection and self-worth. A lyricist at heart, Tianda penned her first song in grade 2, taught herself to play guitar and piano, and performed in local coffee shops and churches before winning YTV’s reality TV show "The Next Star" with an original song at 15 years old.
Diving into the music scene in 2019, Tianda used COVID to dedicate herself to learning music production and social media. By 2022 she was buzzing online with her first viral song “Celebrate” amassing over 7 million views and growing her fanbase to over 350,000. She followed this success by releasing 5 more singles and 2 self-produced music videos. By 2023, she signed a sync deal, management contract, and was invited to write songs for Universal Music in Montreal.

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Felice LaZae

Sweet Spot Studios/Audiophyles

"For me, the explosion of Clubhouse and social audio during the pandemic led me to produce virtual audio musical productions and the iRig collection was the solution I needed to make it all possible. I love using pieces like the iRig Stream Mic Pro and iRig Stream Solo for live streaming on social audio platforms like Twitter Spaces and for creating content on Tiktok and Instagram. While the iRig Pro Quattro is really great for on-location recordings like podcast and video content. For me, IK's iRig collection makes it easy to jump into producing mobile content and stand out as a producer, musician, and content creator."

Felice LaZae is an LA-based producer, musician, and performer who collaborates with renowned artists and global brands. Her talents have graced prestigious stages and events like Paris Fashion Week, Art Basel, The Lincoln Center, and Coachella. Featured by Rolling Stone, Vice, and The GRAMMYs, her music has found a home on major TV networks, commercials, film, and radio, accumulating millions of views on YouTube. As founder of Sweet Spot Studios, an emerging technology agency for entertainment, Felice pushes boundaries and redefines the intersection of music, technology, and creativity.


Tony Succar

GRAMMY award-winning artist

"I've been a fan of IK Multimedia for a very long time. One of the main reasons why I've been able to grow online so much with my music has been because all the live stuff that I've been putting out. My brand is all about live music. So I've been going live on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram through the iRig Pro Duo. I open up my app within my iPhone and get the feed from the console. My message for all the artists out there is to utilize these social media platforms to reach your audience. You can be the best in the world but if you're not actually out there on these channels promoting music you're not gonna reach your fullest potential."

Tony Succar is a two-time Latin GRAMMY award-winning artist, producer and composer/arranger. Born in Lima, Peru, and raised in Miami, Florida, Succar earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Performance from Florida International University in 2008 and his master’s degree in 2010. His musical diversity is well-known in the industry, having worked with an impressive array of talented artists, including Tito Nieves, India, Jon Secada, Marc Anthony, Sheila E., Arturo Sandoval, Judith Hill, and Obie Bermudez, among others.


Bryan Mir

Director of Blend Studios

"There's so much to say about the iRig Quattro I/O. I don't really know where to start. You can pretty much handle anything that pops up in the field. I'm in the field a lot. I'm all over the world. So to have a 4-channel, bus-powered interface with me at all times is a game-changer. I find myself in a lot of situations where I need more than two channels. One of the situations I like to use it in is small trio or quartet settings. I get everybody mic'd up direct, straight to camera or you can do streaming."

Bryan Mir has been working in post-production for over 20 years. From live concerts to corporate events and television commercials, Bryan's assignments can take him anywhere around the world. As the Director of Blend Studios, he oversees creative projects ranging from motion graphics, editorial, 3D animation, design, illustration, and sound design, to music composition. Some of Blend Studio’s most notable work has been with the MTV Video Music Awards, the Green Bay Packers, GE Electronics, BMW, John Legend, Jason Mraz, and more.

Quincy Moreland

Quincy Moreland

of Tips 4 Social Media

"This year, one of the new additions is the iRig Stream Mic Pro. I am very thankful to have run across everything that IK Multimedia has to offer! All of their products are so user-friendly!"

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Quincy Moreland is a highly acclaimed social media personality and Instagram influencer with an impressive following.
As a TikTok personality and content creator he rose to fame for his comedy videos building a fanbase of over 340,000 followers on the platform.
From this success, Quincy has branched out to become a social media expert. On his YouTube channel “Tips 4 Social Media” he offers advice and instruction on increasing one’s audience, making money and even which IK Multimedia gear to use.


LA-based Synth/Video Artist

"The iRig Pro Quattro I/O is a central part of my content and music creation process. The four channels are perfect for multitasking with synths and vocals, and I love being able to switch between recording with my phone or my camera easily. Setting up can be frustrating when you're working with video and audio at the same time, but the iRig really simplified that for me. It's the small details and portability that make this my interface of choice for a versatile workflow."

DISKQ is an experimental synth video artist and TikTok creator based in LA. She started producing music in college and found her passion in the world of synthesizers and drum machines. She has created content for various music and technology brands, and most recently performed a hardware set at NAMM to showcase the unreleased myTRACKS by Playtime Engineering. DISKQ's music is an eclectic mixture of dawless jams, experimental vocals, and alternative pop. She is inspired by internet culture, vintage things, retro games and weird noisy textures. Through her videos, she hopes to weave immersive stories and inspire others to create.

The iRig Stream Family

iRig Stream

Streaming audio interface.

iRig Stream Solo

3-in, mono-out streaming audio interface.

iRig Stream Pro

4-in, 2-out streaming audio interface.

iRig Stream Mic Pro

Compact multi-pattern microphone and stereo/4-channel audio interface.


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