7 Jul 2022


The GRAMMY-winning Mix Engineer explains why he uses the T-RackS plug-in

We caught up with Multi-platinum Mix Engineer IRKO who recently took home a GRAMMY this year for his work mixing Ye's DONDA album.

IRKO has mixed countless hit artists including The Weeknd, Jay-Z, Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Gates, David Guetta, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, DaBaby, 21 Savage, Common and Rick Ross.

Putting TASCAM Tape Collection through its paces, here's what he has to say on using it for mixing vocals:

Instant coolness! Instant vintage! These lead vocals loved it, I did too!

GRAMMY-winning Mix Engineer IRKO

Visit IRKO's website for more on his work: www.irko.it

Don't miss out on using TASCAM Tape Collection plug-ins to enhance and add magic to your vocals, instruments and mix bus. Hurry to join the T-RackS Group Buy and get all 4 tape machines FREE!

Here are the 4 models that are included in TASCAM Tape Collection bundle or as individual T-RackS singles:


product image


The TEAC A-6100 MKII mastering recorder is still highly sought-after today, thanks to both its robust design and incredible sound. Featuring controls to fine-tune your sound, including record and playback EQ settings, the A-6100 MKII is the one to add tape warmth and color to your master bus and more.


product image


The TEAC A-3340S is the 4-track tape recorder behind some of the most famous demos and songs in history. For example, The Doobie Brothers used a A-3340S to record several of the song demos that earned them a record deal, while Brian Eno and others still use it today for its sonic qualities.


product image


The TASCAM 388 was a huge success, combining a mixing console and tape machine in one to create a real winner. Kelley Stoltz made the 388 famous again around 2001 when he used it to record some hit songs and their sound went viral. Ever since the 388 has kept its magic status.


product image


Today, the TASCAM PORTA ONE is used for "lo-fi" sounds, creative experiments, and even live performances. However, when using its "standard" settings, the PORTA ONE's sound is warm and clear, offering the sonic signature that made it so popular then and again today.

Learn more about TASCAM Tape Collection here.

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TASCAM Tape Collection




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