15 Feb 2022

Syntronik 2 With Jordan Rudess

Watch the master keyboardist demo a different model each week

IK is proud to present this video series of Jordan Rudess performing with Syntronik 2. Each week Jordan will feature one of the new synths that are included in the Syntronik 2 MAX collection and is also available separately.

Voted "Best Keyboardist of All Time" by Music Radar Magazine, Jordan Rudess is best known as the keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire for platinum-selling GRAMMY-nominated prog rock band, Dream Theater.

Week 6: Syntonik 2 - Triptych

The Triptych is based on the warm sounds of the classic Korg Trident with its separate synth, string and brass sections. It is a beast of a synth capable of a wide range of classic analog synth and stringer sounds.

Jordan Rudess on Syntronik 2 - Triptych

Week 5: Syntonik 2 - Syner-V

The Syner-V is based on the Digital Keyboards Synergy II+ with its wide range of unique soundscapes and glassy, metallic tones.

Jordan Rudess on Syntronik 2 - Syner-V

Week 4: Syntonik 2 - GS-V

The GS-V is based on the Yamaha GS1 synthesizer, one of the first FM synthesizers to ever be created. It's a pioneering digital synth with a lush analog ensemble effect and it's reverently recreated in Syntronik 2

Jordan Rudess on Syntronik 2 - GS-V

Week 3: Syntronik 2 - Pro VS

The Pro-VS is the sound of vector synthesis from the Sequential Circuits Profit VS with its four digital oscillators through an analog filter.

Jordan Rudess on Syntronik 2 - Pro-VS

The OSC-V features classic analog filtered digital monosynth sounds. A British classic, the OSCar can sound deceptively analog and ultra fat despite its digital oscillators.

Jordan Rudess on Syntronik 2 - OSC-V

The M-12 represents the monstrous Oberheim Matrix-12 capturing its many filter modes and modulation matrix. We expanded the modes and slopes of our c-type modeled filter especially for this synth in Syntornik 2.

Jordan Rudess on Syntronik 2 - M-12

Next week: Syntonik 2 - Obie One

Syntronik 2 is available for purchase from IK's online store and from IK Authorized dealers worldwide and is also included in Total Studio 3.5 MAX.

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Syntronik 2


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