14 Nov 2022

Recording on iLoud Precision

“It over-delivers, surpassing all expectations I had on entering the review!”

This November's issue of Recording Magazine features a detailed review of IK's new iLoud Precision studio monitors. The reviewer compares all three models in real working conditions, making recommendations for which ones to use in different settings. Here are some highlights with a link to the full review below.

All three models straddle the line beautifully between purpose-built accurate mixing tools, and monitors on which you want to kick back and listen to your favorite albums.

Recording Magazine

"I had the opportunity to leave all three pairs set up side-by-side for a few weeks of daily mixing and listening sessions. Everything translated exactly as expected, and switching between the models on the fly resulted in an impressively uniform sound across the line.

The iLoud Precision MTM has a beautiful soundstage with laser-accurate imaging, punchy transients, and truly physics-defying bass.

Recording Magazine

"It's no surprise IK Multimedia has decided to expand the lineup, taking everything that made the Micro and MTM so popular and amping (pun intended) them up to the next level.

I found myself mixing for long sessions without encountering significant signs of fatigue, and across the board had excellent mix translation to all types of consumer and pro audio systems.

Recording Magazine

Access the full Recording Magazine review HERE.

product image

Available in a choice of 3 configurations — 2-way 5" or 6.5", and 2 x 5" MTM — iLoud Precisions are handmade works of sonic art that deliver a level of detail that beats speakers three times the price with workflow enhancements that can't be found anywhere else.

Registered owners of iLoud Micro Monitors and iLoud MTM are eligible for special pricing on Precision pairs. Learn more about iLoud Precision HERE

product image

iLoud Precision


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