13 Nov 2019

Luke Wooten on iLoud MTM

"I imagine it won’t take any time at all for these monitors to become the gold standard in small near-fields."

GRAMMY-winning producer and engineer Luke Wooten took iLoud MTM into his studio to put them to the test against his collection of other monitors.  Looking for a replacement to his previous monitors, he spent a week with iLoud MTM and collected his thoughts below.

"They are tiny! You could literally pack them in a carry on bag and still have room for all of your clothes. I placed them in the spot where I usually have the Genelecs and they are literally 1/3 the size but… they sound 3x bigger."

"The bass on the MTMs is noticeably MUCH larger and more well defined than either the NS-10s or Genelecs. This was out of the box and without using the calibration tool. After using the calibration mic, the bass felt even slightly bigger/lower."

"So often, clients will want to come in and part their hair with a mix, but these monitors make sure that you are listening at a reasonable volume and can make well informed decisions."

I have noticed a significant reduction in listening fatigue since I have been using them and have actually been much more productive as a result.

"I absolutely want to get them in our other two studio’s as well as my listening room at the house because I am blown away!"

I imagine it won’t take any time at all for these monitors to become the gold standard in small near-fields.

iLoud MTM’s design offers exceptional sound dispersion, enhancing the transparency and neutrality of what you hear.  Designed to give you the truest monitoring experience possible, iLoud MTM uses audiophile-grade high resolution algorithms and the top-of-the line A/D converters to carefully manage cross-overs, filtering, time alignment, equalization, dynamics control and auto-calibration. Totally DSP-controlled and precision time-aligned, iLoud MTM also manages the off-axis response to manage the effects of room reverberations.

The product of IK’s 20+ years’ experience in digital signal processing, the advanced processing onboard helps iLoud MTM deliver sound far beyond anything in its size or class.  Learn more here.


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