2 Nov 2020

Sound on Sound on MixBox: "Sounds excellent, genuinely useful and excellent value for money"

"MixBox offers a lot of processing for your cash"

Sound on Sound's new editor-in-chief, Sam Inglis, has been getting down to the nitty gritty with MixBox. He was impressed by the sheer number of modules available, their uniformly high quality and the rich selection of available effects and processors.

Here are some of his key comments:

"You'll find that many modules either do more than you'd think, or can be applied in situations where you wouldn't expect them to work."

"The Reverb category is surprisingly comprehensive, and although the modules found within are much simpler than their 'full fat' plug-in counterparts, they sound excellent and are genuinely useful."

"The Compressor module is rather tasty; elsewhere in the same category, IK's LA-2A and Fairchild emulations have long been favourites of mine."

"Finally, I can't move on without commending the array of modulation modules. Most are based on classic hardware units such as the Boss CE-1 or Electro-Harmonix Small Stone, they cover all the bases, and they sound excellent."

Sam's verdict was:

"There's plenty to like, not least the value for money on offer. For the price of two or three pro plug-ins, you're getting a very large chunk of functionality. MixBox offers a lot of processing for your cash."

+ 70 modules spanning everything from amp simulation to gramophone emulation
+ The quality of the modules is uniformly high
+ Each slot has its own wet/dry mix fader
+ Easy to use
+ Excellent value for money

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