10 Nov 2020

How can you bring your drums to life?

American Songwriter reviews IK’s MODO DRUM

Drum loops and samples don't offer much flexibility. You can mix and match, but you're pretty much stuck with someone else's sonic signature.

Enter MODO DRUM from IK Multimedia, an acoustic drum virtual instrument that turns MIDI grooves into something uniquely your own, using IK's award-winning modal synthesis technology.

Our friends at American Songwriter magazine tested MODO DRUM and gave it a big thumbs up saying it's...

"one of the most robust, flexible, yet user-friendly drum VIs out there."

MODO DRUM offers unique controls for snare, kick and toms, letting you create drum sounds that blend perfectly with your music. And you'll love how simple it is to use. Select a groove from the included 1,400 patterns, or import your own MIDI file into your DAW, and start experimenting.

This a no-brainer for someone looking for an effortless drum programming experience.

American Songwriter found that "the flexibility and customization of MODO DRUM is incredibly deep" and appreciated how "the Customize button allows you to swap kit components on the fly" to find just the right sound quickly.

Give your drum tracks a whole new life with MODO DRUM starting at $149.

Learn more about IK Multimedia MODO DRUM
Read the full review on American Songwriter


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