21 Dec 2020

Bedroom Producers Blog reviews MixBox for iPad

Calling it “an equally powerful virtual rack for iOS”

MixBox for Mac/PC has been a bestseller since its introduction last September, delivering all the effects you need in one rack. IK Multimedia released MixBox for iPad earlier this month and the iOS version is quickly gaining fans among mobile music makers, with more and more positive reviews coming in.

One of our favorite sites, Bedroom Producers Blog, just published their review of MixBox for iPad with a lot of positive things to say. Here are some of the highlights:

"IK Multimedia follows up on the MixBox modular FX rack for desktop with an equally powerful virtual rack for iOS.

Interestingly, the iOS edition of MixBox is fully compatible with the desktop version of the software, to the extent that you can exchange the presets between the two platforms.

Another essential feature is the audio player module. It's a handy way to experiment with the standalone version of MixBox. Load an audio file and play it as a loop while experimenting with the available effects.

The FX collection on offer oozes versatility and quality... IK Multimedia didn't skimp out on audio quality in any category."

If your current digital audio workstation on iOS lacks in the built-in effects department, MixBox is the studio upgrade you're looking for

Bedroom Producers Blog

"The guitar amps are just as good as the desktop T-RackS 5 offerings, the reverbs are lush and realistic-sounding, the compressors are some of the best you can find on iOS, and the modulation effects provide an inspirational sound design toolbox.

The added value here is the ability to create a custom FX chain and store it for later use.

As for the performance and stability, the AUv3 plugin version of MixBox passed the test with flying colors. It adds a collection of 70 high-quality effects to any AUv3 plugin host, and it's impossible to match that premise with any other iOS offering at the moment.

I highly recommend MixBox as the next upgrade for your iOS-based music production rig."

Verdict: "If you're looking for an ultra-portable toolbox of 70 audio effects based on IK Multimedia's top-tier VST plugins, well, this is it."

Thank you, Bedroom Producers Blog! We're always happy to hear positive feedback from expert users and we couldn't have said it better ourselves. We can only add that users who register their MixBox for iPad with IK Multimedia will receive an additional collection of Signature presets! And that's something that's likely to continue.

Read the full review at Bedroom Producers Blog

MixBox for iPad is now available on the App Store for an introductory price of $39.99 (regular price will be $79.99).


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