5 Jan 2021

AmpliTube 5 declared best plug-in for 2020

By The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show

The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show on YouTube is a great resource for guitar and bass players to find unbiased opinions on gear. Followers of the show count on Alex and Gabor to post reviews of what's new and demonstrate it using a hands-on approach.

On January 1st, TSFAHTPS aired their awards edition for 2020 where Gabor declared AmpliTube 5 the winner for Best Plug-in or Amp Simulator.

Gabor is a fan of AmpliTube and highly recommends that new users get the free Custom Shop version of new AmpliTube 5 to try out the gear and check out the improved user interface and workflow.

My winner was IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5. As a whole, it's killer. It sounds fantastic. I don't think there's anything else that comes close in terms of amp sims and stuff. Absolutely killer.


When AmpliTube 5 first came out last December, Gabor posted a full-length review of all the gear you get for free in AmpliTube 5 CS. You can check out that first-look review here.

Introductory pricing continues on all versions of AmpliTube 5 through February 28, 2021. Start with the free version. Try everything. It might be enough for you. If not, move up before the sale ends and get a great deal on the gear you need.

And thank you, gentlemen at TSFAHTPS, for all your work!


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