19 Jan 2021

MusicRadar reviews AmpliTube 5

Describing it as “a world of stellar tones”

There are over 420 pieces of gear available in AmpliTube 5, IK Multimedia's latest version of the popular guitar and bass tone studio. Recently we gave MusicRadar AmpliTube 5 MAX to review and they've just published their report, awarding our guitar and bass tone studio 5 out of 5 stars!

Covering everything you get and how it all fits in the big scheme of things, it's a very thorough review. We've pulled a few highlights to share with you now. A link to the full article is below.

Starting with the presets
"With so many things to try, our first instinct is to try out the presets to get a feel for the new interface, and it's clear from the get-go that, while there's plenty of leftfield stuff to show-off, IK has put some time and effort into making a lot of very useable patches.

There's simply so much to explore that it'll keep you busy for the foreseeable future. The good news is, that investment consists of immersing yourself in a world of stellar tones


Enhanced features
"Not only have they given a facelift to fit the new photo-realistic look, but there's sonic improvements too with upscaled gain structures and power amp modelling along with enhanced interaction with all of those speaker IRs."

The new speaker cab section
"When it comes to multi-speaker cabinets, the interactions between the speakers and immediate environment (such as floor reflections) are maintained in the IR.

"These changes make a noticeable difference as you'd expect, enabling you to completely re-shape the tonal response and timbre in a way that isn't always possible with EQ."

Useful accessories
"We'd definitely recommend using an iRig Stomp or similar MIDI control pedal like the Blackstar Live Logic to get the full potential out of the looper, as well as AmpliTube's Live mode."

The Verdict
"The best gear – emulated or not – not only makes you want to play, but should also feel like you're playing and sounding better. AmpliTube 5 does both."

Thank you, MusicRadar! We're pleased to be helping players achieve their goals for the New Year.

Tune in all week at NAMM's Believe in Music Week to watch artists using AmpliTube 5.

Full schedule of our NAMM events and replays of the videos here.

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