9 May 2022

Pete Thorn and AmpliTube 5

Watch and learn as he uses its more advanced features

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In this video for GuitarWorld, Pete sits down in his studio and demonstrates what he's discovered using AmpliTube 5. The opening track covers a lot of territory from Fender clean to fire breathing madness from the ENGL amp model. Pete uses several guitars throughout the track, but the sound of the Danelectro baritone really catches your attention. After some guitar sonic nirvana, Pete walks you through some of the standout features in AmpliTube 5, beginning with what's inside the standalone version.

Pete Thorn on AmpliTube 5

"There are some really cool features about the standalone version. Number one, there's actually a built-in phrase trainer and 8-track recorder. Let's say your guitar's in E, and you're trying to learn a track that's in Eb. You can simply just bump the track up and that makes it easier. I love phrase trainers!"

Next Pete walks us through creating a signal chain in AmpliTube 5 and pauses in the cabinet section to show something new he really likes.

"There's a terrific IR loader with some unique features. There's this tilt thing, I've never seen before, where you can emphasize the high end of the IR or the low end of the IR. That's really cool."

You can make a full album using nothing but this plug-in and it would sound really quite incredible.

Pete Thorn

Before sharing all of the settings he uses to record the different tracks mentioned above, Pete goes over the new mixer section with rack effects, including some "darn-good" sounding EQ and compression processors from T-RackS 5.

"IK Multimedia has a lot of experience making studio-style effects and plug-ins. They've incorporated a lot of that knowledge. If you can only afford one plug-in and you need effects for vocals or keyboards or drums, AmpliTube 5 has you covered."

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