3 Feb 2021

First reactions to UNO Synth Pro

"It's definitely a great-sounding and exciting synth"

IK Multimedia officially announced the UNO Synth Pro at NAMM 2021 Believe in Music Week. IK's Erik Norlander kicked things off with a video in which he presents the primary features of this next-generation analog synth and shows off its unique sound engine and design.

Since then, we've posted new videos on our site that offer further insight into the making of UNO Synth Pro and demonstrate more of its rich sounds and feature set. Now the buzz is getting louder with more voices reacting to the news and sharing their impressions:

"It's a really clean design"
"I love seeing new affordable synths like these"
"I really like the sound of it"
"A few more demos would be enough for me to pull the trigger"
"The original UNO was a fabulous unit"
"The original on steroids"
"Just on the basis of this sound, I want this synth"
"It's definitely a great-sounding and exciting synth"

Playlist of UNO Synth Pro user videos

I don't think you could have predicted that with the original UNO Synth they were going to turn it into THIS!

Bonedo Synthesizers

Available in two form factors and price points, the UNO Synth Pro is destined to be a hit among sound-designers, stage performers and synth enthusiasts alike.

We're excited about the imminent arrival of UNO Synth Pro and look forward to the hands-on reviews that will follow. In the meantime, we'll be adding more of our own videos to present to you in detail each aspect of this amazing synthesizer.

Learn more on UNO Synth Pro
Watch IK's new UNO Synth Pro videos


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