3 Feb 2021

Over 100 AmpliTube 5 Accolades!

Hear why the community is loving our #1 amp sim technology

AmpliTube 5 is available and our community of guitarists far and wide around the world are loving the new update.  With over 100 videos in our AmpliTube Community & Media Playlist, it's great to see the different ways our software is inspiring your creative minds.  From original work, to cover songs, recreation to experimentation, we want to show you how artists, media, and more are using the software in their studio sessions and beyond.

Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" - one take using AmpliTube 5

This user recreates the legendary tone of Brian May for an on-the-spot, one take recording of Queen's timeless track.

AmpliTube 5 with Greco EG-380 Old rock distortion sound demo (No talking)

This user shows off a tone that he created using gear inside of AmpliTube with distortion to give it a nostalgic feel!

Can I Make AmpliTube 5 sound Like Pipes?

The title says it all... we loved this unique take on tone!


Our friend, and legendary guitarist, Alex Skolnick creates tone inspired by "His Royal Badness".

Amplitube 5 Bass presets

We didn't forget about our bass players, too.  AmpliTube 5 has a multitude of options for the low end.

Watch the rest of the 150 and growing videos of our AmpliTube community showcasing their talents!  There are so many things you can do with AmpliTube and we love to see your creativity blossom with it.  Post your videos on YouTube with "AmpliTube 5" in the title to be featured on our AmpliTube 5 Community & Media Playlist below.


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