22 Feb 2021

Watch Sophie Burrell use AmpliTube 5

And nail Slash’s tone on “Welcome to the Jungle”

Guitar World just published an article on AmpliTube 5 that features a video performance of Sophie Burrel using a preset from AmpliTube Slash.

Sophie is a British guitar player and teacher based in the UK. Just 21 years old and a recent graduate of music college, she's been developing an online presence this last year that's earned her sponsorships and collaboration with brands like PRS Guitars, EVH Gear and others.

In the article, Guitar World describes how Sophie finds just the sound she wants for "Welcome to the Jungle."

Hear Sophie get her Slash on!

"She starts by selecting the JCM Slash amp model and tweaking the settings to her personal preferences: Presence around 8, bass at 6, middle on seven, treble on 6, output master on 9 and lead master on 8. Her gain, meanwhile, is almost up to 10, but not quite.

As far as pedals, Sophie begins by making a customized choice, selecting the Over Scream, which conjures classic Tube Screamer tones. She fills out her pedalboard with the Slash Booster, Slash Noise Gate and Slash Delay, and then demos the results, playing both rhythm and lead lines."

Make sure you go check out AmpliTube 5. I can definitely vouch for it. I think it sounds really cool. I'll definitely be using it again!

Sophie Burrell

Sophie is an inspiration to us all and a reminder that practice makes perfect!

And as for tone matching or finding your own sound, AmpliTube 5 offers over 2,500 artist and designer presets that make terrific starting points to fine-tune and make your own.

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Read the full article at Guitar World


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