13 Jan 2022

iLoud MTM 5-Star Review

Everything Recording: “IK has created a frontrunner in the studio monitor space.”

Recently Everything Recording got their hands on a pair of IK's iLoud MTM studio monitors for review. After testing them in different physical spaces and with a variety of music, they gave MTM a score of 5/5. Let's learn why.

From the start
"IK Multimedia based the configuration on the D'Appolito design, where the tweeter is sandwiched between a pair of mid-woofers. The design is incorporated into many high-end speakers. Bravo, IK Multimedia, for bringing it into a pair of monitors that I don't have to sell my firstborn to buy."

Power and low end
"Combine these clean Class D amplifiers with IK Multimedia's new Physical Response Linearization (PRL) and iLoud MTM claims to rival speakers twice MTM's size.

"With a precise representation of sonic behavior inside the enclosure, IK Multimedia can utilize the internal DSP to enhance a particular frequency's properties, all in real-time. LF Extension has three settings, 40Hz, 50Hz, and 60Hz.

If you're finally looking for a review that has anything bad to say about these monitors, you've come to the wrong place.

Everything Recording

Onboard room correction
"Utilizing the included ARC microphone and the ARC Mic input on the back, you can individually calibrate speakers to their position in the room. While this is not a new feature in studio monitors, it certainly is in monitors at this price point.

"The setup and calibration were surprisingly quick and easy. I was honestly expecting a more time-consuming room measurement process."

Praise for the sound
"In the case of the iLoud MTM, the marketing rings true. These speakers are everything IK Multimedia claims. I absolutely love these speakers. I was blown away at the dimension in these smaller speakers.

"You can make decisions much quicker due to iLoud MTM's pristine sound. I found my mixes' fullness coming out more due to having the right information at my fingertips. As for the low end, I'm thoroughly impressed."

The reviewer's conclusion
"I can't say enough about how much I love these monitors. The stereo imaging is excellent, mixes translate much better, and music (whether referencing or only experiencing) is genuinely more enjoyable through them.

"The amount of informative low end iLoud MTMs put out is staggering. These speakers translate audio better than just about any monitor in its price range and even beyond."

iLoud MTM Rundown:
Everything Recording review score
5 / 5

- Immense sound and imaging
- Include technology initially only available in very expensive speakers
- Small footprint lets you bring them anywhere
- Incorporate the ARC mic to help with common room issues

Thank you, Everything Recording. Keep up the good work!

Everything Recording has been a popular source for pro audio news and reviews for over 10 years. Offering unbiased praise and critiques of gear and software, Everything Recording deserves a bookmark in your browser.

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