7 May 2021

Dr. Mix performs Star Trek theme on UNO Synth Pro

“I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me!”

IK Multimedia began shipping UNO Synth Pro just last week and hands-on reviews are already coming in. Here's a performance from Dr. Mix using IK's new analog synth that's guaranteed to bring a smile to the face (and maybe a tear to the eye) of any Sci-Fi fan.

In this video, Dr. Mix goes over the sounds he built from scratch on UNO Synth Pro for his production of the Star Trek theme song. The sounds include clarinets, brass, French horn, harp, strings, various synths, bass and drums, and even a glockenspiel.

Most of the sounds are monophonic, but Dr. Mix uses some sounds in paraphonic mode to great effect, particularly with the clarinets. He also uses the reverb that's onboard UNO Synth Pro with the French horn to create a commanding lead voice.

Watch and learn as Dr. Mix dissects UNO Synth Pro's sounds and his interpretation of the Star Trek theme.

Sci-Fi poetry in sound with UNO Synth Pro

I've done everything with a monophonic synthesizer that's paraphonic as much as you want. It's pretty impressive, isn't it?

Dr. Mix

UNO Synth Pro comes with 256 presets to get you started and inspire your own. We're pleased to see artists using UNO Synth Pro to create new sounds and music, especially when it's played with such heartfelt emotion. Thank you for your service, Dr. Mix!

Learn more on the UNO Synth Pro

Visit Dr. Mix's YouTube channel here


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