13 May 2021

haQ attaQ on IK's UNO Synth Pro

Watch how the mobile musician creates a complete song

Jakob Haq recently released a song made entirely with the sounds of IK Multimedia's UNO Synth Pro. Jakob, or haQ attaQ is a mobile musician based in Sweden with over 25 years of experience in computerized music-making. On his YouTube channel, you'll find video tutorials, reviews and more content featuring portable music hardware and apps.

For this demonstration of the compact UNO Synth Pro Desktop, Jakob recorded two videos. The first is an animated video of the song he produced.

“Most of the sounds are cleanly recorded with nothing really done to them. They just sounded great from the start.”

"The One" with UNO Synth Pro

The UNO Synth Pro is IK Multimedia's new flagship synthesizer and it sounds really good! So good that I produced an entire track with 100% USP sounds. Press play and find out why I highly recommend this beast!

haQ attaQ

The second video from Jacob presents his workflow: how he connects everything to an iPad, finds the sounds, uses effects and produces the final mixdown.

Making of "The One"

UNO Synth Pro is very good at pads, leads and other kinds of weird effects. When it comes to bass, the UNO Synth Pro really does that well. It has such a depth to it in the bass range.

haQ attaQ

“I had a huge amount of fun working with this track. All in all, what I like most about the UNO Synth Pro is how aggressive it can sound. I really like how I can also make almost any type of sound that I want out of it.”

Thank you, haQ attaQ! It's great to see UNO Synth Pro Desktop in action and used with such skill in a portable rig.

Learn more about UNO Synth Pro

Visit the haQ attaQ YouTube channel here


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