16 Jun 2021

MusicTech reviews IK’s AmpliTube 5

“AmpliTube 5 is that rare thing: an entirely worthwhile update”

MusicTech recently published a full review of AmpliTube 5, giving IK's guitar and bass tone studio their MusicTech Choice Award and a score of 9/10.

A leading media brand at the intersection of music and technology, MusicTech is a great resource for musicians seeking advice. You'll find regular reviews on all kinds of musical gear including controllers, DAWs, DJ, hardware, instruments, loops and plug-ins.

Here's some of what MusicTech they have to say about AmpliTube 5:

1st impressions

"The fifth iteration of AmpliTube is the most significant since its first revision around 15 years ago.

"The drag-and-drop signal chain portion of the interface is where the real 'at last' comes in. It may have taken IK Multimedia some time to get here, but they have created a skillful balance of comprehensive visual feedback and simple, intuitive editability."

Gear chain

"AmpliTube 5 is a better-looking, more efficient platform, but the changes are not just cosmetic.

"Note that the gear available will depend on the package purchased, with the free AmpliTube 5 CS (Custom Shop) version offering some basic, albeit excellent quality gear to get you started, all of which can be added to via the Custom Shop for a price.

"One straight-up improvement is the tuner, now Ultra Tuner with its two modes: Easy and Advanced. The large, clear display is a boon for those using AmpliTube live."

AmpliTube 5 is that rare thing: an entirely worthwhile update. Easier and more fun to use, plus it sounds even better – hard to fault.


Cab section

"More significantly, the speaker and cabinet modeling see the addition of trademarked VIR Tech and a 45-degree close-mic angle option, which is a nice touch.

"Another improvement in AmpliTube 5 is a redesigned power amp section. Whether it is due to this or the cumulative effect of numerous other enhancements, the sound quality has taken a jump up across the board.

"It is not just the sound either; there is a behavioral component where the amps react more like their IRL brethren, allowing you to play the amp, as well as the guitar or bass. The sensitivity is noticeably improved throughout."

MIDI control

"User-assignable MIDI control of AmpliTube has always made it a flexible tool in the studio and on the stage. Now, the Live mode creates a more direct link with the iRig Stomp I/O controller with the interface reflecting the pedalboard setup.

"For DAW integration, you can assign any parameter to one of the 16 automation slots, all of which can be easily set, edited or removed."

All in all

"This is a significant update for AmpliTube and one that is hard to fault. The refreshing GUI makeover allows for a more effortless, fulfilling user experience, which, coupled with the sonic improvements, makes AmpliTube 5 a very attractive prospect for guitarists, bassists and producers alike. The three main packages are well worth the money, now more than ever."

Review Overview

MusicTech Choice 9/10

MusicTech Verdict
+ Drag-and-drop gear chain
+ Sounds better than ever
+ VIR Tech mic placement for the sonically fussy
+ Scalable window

Learn more on AmpliTube 5

Read the full MusicTech review here


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