16 Aug 2021

Mixing Vocals With MixBox

Brent McCollough: “It’s got to be one of my new favorite plug-ins!”

Since its release, MixBox continues to gain fans among musicians and producers alike. It's such a fast way to build powerful signal chains that can transform tracks and mixes, it's impossible to ignore.

Here we have a short video from Brent McCollough on why he loves MixBox. Be sure and watch to the end where he applies his custom MixBox preset on a vocal track with amazing results.

Brent McCollough is a keyboardist and singer currently on tour with Trace Adkins. He also runs Brent McCollough Studios in Nashville, TN, and prides himself in making his clients' musical dreams come true.

"I'm going to walk you through the MixBox plug-in by IK Multimedia. And this thing is so powerful. It's like a guitar pedalboard for your mix. They've got basically everything you could ever want.

It's so easy with this plug-in. It's amazing what you can do in just a few seconds!

Brent McCollough

"So, we've got a channel strip, a 2-way compressor, distortion, saturator, digital delay, reverb delay, and plate reverb. That's 7 plug-ins in one plug-in. And it saves so much time because all I've got to do is click right here. It's so fast, so easy and so intuitive. It's got to be one of my new favorite plug-ins.

"Go check it out!"

Learn more on MixBox

Visit Brent's YouTube channel HERE


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