27 Aug 2021

Getting Crazy With AmpliTube 5

Nik Nocturnal: “That’s just a really good lead tone. OK, let’s ruin it.”

Check out Nik Nocturnal's new video on getting crazy metal effects from AmpliTube 5. We sent him a copy so you can watch as he explores a sampling of AmpliTube's latest features.

Nik is a solo artist and loves creating instrumental metal music and covering tracks from some of the best bands of our time. He currently has over 475K subscribers on his YouTube channel. Get ready for the unexpected.

What Nik has to say

"A guitarist's happiness is determined by 4 things: riffs, guitar solos, how much they hate bassists and how amazing and crazy their effects are.

"Today we're going to be creating some of the craziest guitar effects and noises that you can imagine and some that you can't even imagine using AmpliTube 5.

When it comes to the actual collections, there are so many real brands to pick from. Do these guys own Guitar Center?

Nik Nocturnal

"I feel like I'm shooting out of a spaceship. Let's throw that down and see what this sounds like with these fun effects.

"Huge thanks to IK Multimedia for sponsoring this video and sending me over AmpliTube 5. It's a fun one. I can't believe the level of customization you can do.

"If you want to make some really cool tones or you just want to get lost in the many different things you can do, check it out. You won't be disappointed."

Learn more on AmpliTube 5

Visit Nik's YouTube channel HERE


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