1 Sep 2021

42 Gear Street on X-GEAR

“I think the X-DRIVE sounds wicked!”

We recently gave 42 Gear Street an X-DRIVE distortion pedal to try. Watch while the popular YouTube guitarist and educator John Browne performs and sound engineer Adam Steel makes adjustments in real-time. This is a great demonstration of how easy it is to tweak settings on any X-GEAR model.

This will be one of the first videos of this pedal and obviously we don't know much about it. We're going to play around with the presets and see what it sounds like.

John Browne

X-DRIVE distortions featured in the demo:

GREEN: Based on Ibanez® Tube Screamer
YELLOW: Based on BOSS® SD-1
H-BOOST: A treble booster
DIODE: Based on MXR® Distortion+
ORANGE: Based on BOSS® DS-1
METAL: Based on BOSS® MT-2

Quotes from the video

"It would be really useful to have one pedal out on the tour and have the GREEN mode for 6-string, H-BOOST mode for 8-string and then for 7-string even something else.

Let's go with DIODE and see if that sounds brutal. I like it! It's got a bit of grind to it.

Adam Steel (Hop Pole studios)

"We've got the ORANGE. It sounds like a certain distortion pedal that most people have. I actually don't have one. It's really clear. It sounds wicked actually. Yeah!

"Let's use METAL. That actually sounds great to me. It does something really nice. We need to refine the noise gate that's happening and that's just a case of experimentation.

"I think the X-DRIVE sounds wicked. And you can not only change the patches in the pedal but there's also some software that comes with it for your computer, where you can actually save the presets."

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