9 Sep 2021

iRig Pre 2 Gets Choice Award

MusicTech: “It represents fantastic value for money and feels indestructible to boot.”

MusicTech has published an in-depth review of IK's iRig Pre 2, covering the mobile microphone interface in all its aspects and giving it a Choice Award of 9 out of 10.

The review is a good read for anyone interested in how the iRig Pre 2 operates and how well it performs. Below are the conclusions MusicTech makes with a link to the full review at the bottom.

"The iRig Pre 2 is made from solid plastic that's light and robust, like most IK products. It also has a thoughtfully placed Velcro loop on the back of the device that lets you attach it to a tripod leg so it's secured during shooting.

This little preamp designed for videographers is a beautiful balance of practical, robust and affordable. If you want to get mic audio into your DSLR or smartphone without fuss, this is an excellent bet.


"The iRig Pre 2 has small numbered level wheels to adjust the input gain and headphone output. The headphone receives the device output so you can hear playback for recording. Having the direct monitoring option is useful too, especially when recording to smartphones which add latency.

"Impressively for its price, the iRig Pre 2 delivers true +48V phantom power, not 32V, unlike some miniature preamps. This lets you fully power condenser mics and Cloudlifters for optimum sound quality.

"The preamp has a surprising amount of gain, considering it uses only two AA batteries. The best results come from condenser mics positioned close to the source.

"The ace up the sleeve of the iRig Pre 2 is its automatic detection of recording device. Plug it into a DSLR, and the mic signal will flow to the correct sections of the jack. The same goes for smartphones.

"In short, we'd happily use the iRig Pre 2 for self-shooting vlogs or even recording performances for social media. It represents fantastic value for money and feels indestructible to boot.

MusicTech Choice Award 9/10


+ Sturdy build
+ Velcro strap for securing to tripod/belt loop
+ Incredible value
+ Works with smartphones, iPads and DSLRs
+ 7-hour battery life even with +48v phantom power

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Full review HERE

iRig Pre 2 is a pocket-sized mic preamp that lets you easily use your XLR mics to record, perform and stream with your iPhone*, iPad, Android device or DSLR camera.

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iRig Pre 2



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