13 Sep 2021

Orange Amps Collection Demo

VuDu Studios: “Awesome selection of amps. Really the cream of the Orange crop.”

Frank Mitaritonna of VuDu Studios recently dove into IK's AmpliTube Orange collection to demo these officially licensed recreations of some pretty amazing classic Orange amps and cabs.

The audio engineer makes some great observations comparing our virtual versions to the actual Orange amps he uses in the studio. Enjoy!

Quotes from the demo

"Big guitar sounds are really hard to get, especially when you're using too much gain. So an amplifier that sounds good with a medium amount of gain like the Tiny Terror always sounds beautiful. Put full-on, it'll compress right down. The Tiny Terror, that's why we got one and if you can't get one, now you can.

Wow, I like that. That's some good hairiness!

Frank Mitaritonna on the Dual Terror

"Next up, we've got the OR50, also known as a very dark, thick-sounding amp. Surprisingly clear for how dark and thick it is. But I would say this is definitely a strong candidate for single-note play. Yeah, really sustaining!

Plenty of chunk in this one! These Orange amps sound huge and I just want to hit every string at the same time. Great mid-range for an amp that has no mid-range control. It's just well-voiced.

Frank Mitaritonna on the OR120

"Let's check out the ThunderVerb 200. You can tell it's got plenty of bottom and plenty of headroom. So we're going to open it up a little bit. And there's a very nice, hall-like reverb in this amp so you can probably do some great lead stuff with it.

"We just finished demoing through the Orange amps real quick and seriously, I'm stoked on the sound quality. The AmpliTube 5 sounds impeccable. I highly recommend checking out these amps!"

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