20 Sep 2021

Fender Collection Demo

VuDu Studios: “These exclusive Fender sounds in AmpliTube 5 are amazing!”

Frank Mitaritonna of VuDu Studios just checked out IK's Fender Collection for AmpliTube 5. In this new video, watch him plug into the collection's iconic amps and experiment with different settings and cabs.

Along the way, the audio engineer offers insight into why you get so many great tones in the Fender Collection within AmpliTube 5. Hear for yourself!

Quotes from the demo

"Wow! I highly recommend checking these amps out, even if you're not a Fender player. These exclusive Fender sounds in AmpliTube 5 are amazing!

I love that. Very dirty and a cool kind of dirty. Even when it gets really mean, it retains clarity and it cleans up really well. That's the sign of a great amplifier.

Frank Mitaritonna on the '57 Champ

"Beautiful reverb once again. Nice bassy tone. Even dry the '65 Deluxe Reverb sounds great. I always love it when you can hit the guitar really hard and the amp responds, never collapses. I love these things.

I love being able to hear the wire and the wood in the guitar. It's not hiding behind any trickery or fizzly distortion. It's the sound of the amplifier.

Frank Mitaritonna on the '59 Bassman

"The stuff that I'm familiar with is absolutely accurate. And the stuff that I'm not is a history lesson. I can't get enough of tweaking these. Try it out for yourself."

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