30 Sep 2021

Reverb Tone Report on X-GEAR

Watch as the reviewer explores some surprising combinations!

Reverb just posted a review of AmpliTube X-GEAR pedals from IK Multimedia. With over 700K subscribers, Reverb's YouTube channel is one of the world's most authoritative on music gear.

In this video, Andy from the Reverb Tone Report dives deep into each pedal and discovers some exciting tones individually and when you combine them. Watch along as he takes the AmpliTube X-GEAR effects pedals for a test drive.

Quotes from the review

"The simple layout gives you actual knobs to tweak and no guesswork thanks to a visual display that tells you the name and the parameter value being adjusted.

Let's start with a sound that really stood out to me immediately. It really just nails the squish and sag of a classic Germanium Fuzz. Listen to what happens when I crank up the gain.

Reverb Tone Report

"The color (parameter) is a nice way to match this pedal to whatever amp you're playing. So let's back it off and adjust to a warmer sound.

"Here's something using the Green algorithm in the X-DRIVE. It's a very nice low- to medium-gain overdrive. I'm going to take advantage of all three of these presets so we can have a light gain, a rhythm and a lead tone all at our feet.

Here's another combination of tones that's really blowing my mind.

Reverb Tone Report

"It's using the Purple algorithm, which gives a really convincing analog octave up sound in the style of Jimi and then we're going into a slow Leslie style effect.

"Let's dive into some soundscapes using primarily the X-SPACE, and this is the Shimmer algorithm. Let's try that with some upper and lower octaves from the X-TIME.

"Well, there's the X-GEAR pedals, breaking out of AmpliTube and computer form and into your rig!"

Learn more about AmpliTube X-GEAR


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