6 Oct 2021

Jade Starr on SampleTron 2 for iPad

"This thing is a BEAST. It’s a winner!"

Here's one of the first reviews on IK's SampleTron 2 for iPad. It's from YouTube channel host Jade Starr and the program "How to App on iOS."

In this video, Jade covers many of the app's features: the tape machine controls, the effects onboard, how to load your own samples, using SampleTron with GarageBand and more.

She plays through the sound libraries you get with SampleTron 2 for iPad and has fun with the more quirky sounds of the Mattel Optigan and Chamberlin instruments.

And towards the end, she runs 6 instances of SampleTron 2 as an AUv3 plug-in to see how much processing power the app demands of his iPad Pro. Answer: not too much!

Jade Starr concludes that SampleTron 2 for iPad is "definitely worth the money!"

Quotes from the video

"These people over at IK multimedia, who make very solid stuff, have painstakingly sampled every single sound on here. There are other apps that have these kinds of sounds in them. There are cheaper alternatives. This is made for people who want to invest in something they're going to use a lot.

There are some real pluses with this: The sounds are incredible and it's AUv3. That's a big plus. It works really well in GarageBand.

Jade Starr

"And the last tab across the top is for effects and you get some good effects too because they're by IK Multimedia. So clearly they're going to be good. I love you guys at IK Multimedia!

"There are some lovely choirs here. And these atmospheric strings, wow! Incredible. I can sit here for hours and hours and go on about this.

And all the sounds load up lovely as well. That was the mood synth. What a beautiful sound!

Jade Starr

"It actually really works well in GarageBand. Easy to record stuff. Records in MIDI. You can go full screen. So it's been optimized to work in GarageBand. Look at that.

"See, I didn't even know there were sound effects in here as well and you've got two sets of them too. I've only barely scratched the surface of sounds here.

"I think it's a winner. It's really cool. I'm sure you will agree. It's a beautiful app."

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