19 Oct 2021

T-RackS Comprexxor Video Demo

Home Studio Simplified: “I think I’ve just found my new favorite plug-in!”

Robert McClellan of Home Studio Simplified just posted a video demo of IK's T-⁠RackS Comprexxor using one of his completed projects as a testing ground.

In the video, you'll learn how the T-⁠RackS Comprexxor can work to improve all your tracks including the master bus.

"Has IK Multimedia created one compressor to rule them all? Let's find out."

Quotes from the review

"We're going to be looking at IK Multimedia's Comprexxor, which is very similar to a hardware output compressor I've been dying to get my hands on. Let's see if this can actually recreate some of the sounds that the Distressor can give.

"Let's check this out on the parallel compression of the drums. It's doing more than just the compressing part of this, it's adding a lot of beef to that low end. Nice, very nice!

"So far it's done great on the bass guitar. Excellent on some parallel compression on the drums. Let's see what this can do for the vocals.

I'm blown away with this. I cannot believe what this is doing to this lead vocal. I'm at a loss. This sounds absolutely, stinking amazing!

Robert McClellan

"As a guitarist, I've got to know what this sounds like on guitars. I'm going to go to the electric lead. I'm going to add the T-⁠RackS Comprexxor.

"I think I've just found my new favorite plug-in. Let's solo these leads out and see what we can do with this bad boy. Wow!

"Let's throw the Comprexxor on the master bus. What I'm hearing is this thing is really adding some glue to the mix. And it's not overpowering it. It's doing it in such a way where it feels natural.

I don't know what kind of wizardry they're cooking up over there at IK Multimedia, but man kudos to you guys. You've done an amazing job with this plug-in.

Robert McClellan

"I can't wait to use it on every single mix. It's going to be included in plug-ins I use on every mix video that's going to be released soon.

"That's it for my overview of the T-⁠RackS Comprexxor. Man alive, it's an awesome, awesome plug-in!"

Learn more on T-⁠RackS Comprexxor


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