26 Oct 2021

James Ryan Demos X-SPACE

“Rich, glorious reverbs that sound expensive and expansive.”

Guitarist and YouTuber James Ryan has posted an epic review of IK's new AmpliTube X-SPACE reverb pedal. In the video, he masterfully demonstrates the 16 different reverb algorithms and provides useful tips for using the pedal onstage.

"This is the AmpliTube X-SPACE reverb pedal by IK Multimedia."

Quotes from the review

"You've got 16 different reverb types from your classic things like halls, spring reverbs, plate reverbs, through to shimmer reverbs where you've got adjustable pitch control right through to some stunning experimental and ambient reverbs.

"The Gated reverb is awesome for staccato riffs.

"One of the things I really like is there's a huge pre-delay available on every single reverb type. You can use it for some really cool, almost delay-like effects.

The atmospheric Ethereal mode is pure pristine bliss. And like the other ambient reverbs, it doesn’t blur your sound.

James Ryan

"One of the very unique and fun features of all the X-Series of pedals is what they call the X switch, which basically activates some kind of a hold or an additional crazy little function when you hold down that button on top of your effect.

"The rich modulation in the X-SPACE adds to its high-end, studio-like quality.

"The Reverse reverb can be used as a wicked fuzz lead effect.

"The Room algorithm is another favorite. You could also use that algorithm to get a slapback delay type of sound.

The Hall reverb has a really beautiful decay that doesn't bury your original signal.

James Ryan

"Just when you thought it couldn't be any more fun, you plug in an expression pedal and you can control basically any parameter in any of the effects.

"It comes with a full version of these effects as a plug-in within AmpliTube and a free version of AmpliTube to get you started.

"There's also a librarian so you can use your computer to organize patches. You can even set up sounds within AmpliTube and then load those back into the pedal, which is a really clever workflow.

"I couldn't finish without you sharing the Shimmer 2 mode, which has two adjustable pitches. You get amazing ambient soundtrack textures and guitar synth sounds."

Learn more on AmpliTube X-SPACE


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