26 Oct 2021

Watch Warren Huart in Action

“I'm going to mix in the box using exclusively IK Multimedia plug-ins.”

Warren Huart just posted an extended mixing session using only T-⁠RackS 5 plug-ins. You can learn a lot from how he applies compression, EQ and reverb to a blues trio number.

Below the video is a list with links to the T-⁠RackS modules Warren uses. If you like what you hear, you can demo any of them for free and see how they work.

T-⁠RackS modules used

Check out this live mix from Warren with all T-RackS plugins:

Quotes from the blues trio session

"Here's a mix, which I did on the SSL. We can reference that, but I'm going to mix the rest of it in the box using exclusively IK Multimedia plug-ins.

"I'm going to do two mixes: a mix with no bus compression and no bus EQ. And then one with the Lurssen mastering console.

"You can listen to my mix with no bus compression, no bus EQ, no nothing. And then you can hear what Lurssen is doing.

"And of course, download the plug-ins. Try them for yourself. And see what kind of results you get!"

Learn more about T-⁠RackS 5


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