5 Jan 2022

Beat Magazine on SampleTron 2

“Surprisingly flexible and still exudes the charm of the original.”

In their November issue, Beat magazine includes a review of IK's SampleTron 2, which is an expanded version of the original SampleTron with new instruments and functionality. The article considers the program's heritage, advanced features and performance and gives the new SampleTron a combined score of 5 out of 6.

Highlights from the review:

"SampleTron 2 offers hundreds of sounds that can be combined with each other or with imported custom samples.

"Fortunately, IK Multimedia didn't limit themselves to just the Mellotron with their SampleTron, but also used other tape players and comparable instruments as sample sources.

Loading multiple samples into one slot and switching via velocity and round-robin makes SampleTron 2 more flexible than other software replicas.

Beat magazine

"A virtual rack that offers four different effect units serves to refine the sounds. Here, IK Multimedia can fall back on high-quality algorithms from T-RackS and AmpliTube; and the effects sound accordingly good."


"Together with the great-sounding effects, SampleTron is surprisingly flexible in terms of sound and still exudes the charm of the original, which then also justifies the price."

Beat on SampleTron 2

+ Good sound selection
+ Sample import
+ Split/layer
+ Good effects

Sound: 5.5/6
Operation: 5/6
Price/performance: 5/6
Total: 5/6

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