7 Dec 2021

Alex Skolnick AmpliTube X-GEAR video series

Each week Alex demos new sounds and ways to use IK’s effects pedals

IK Multimedia is proud to present a series of new videos from guitarist extraordinaire, Alex Skolnick. There are five videos in all covering the four AmpliTube X-GEAR pedals plus a final overview video.

As an original member of Bay Area thrashers Testament and currently with Metal Allegiance and the Alex Skolnick Trio, Alex is a versatile New York improviser who knows how to create exciting tones in AmpliTube 5 and now using AmpliTube X-GEAR pedals.

Week 1

Aleks kicks off the series with X-SPACE, which features 16 all-new reverb effects leveraging IK's latest AmpliTube technologies. Enjoy!

Alex Skolnick on X-SPACE

The X-SPACE is a reverb pedal, but it's really so much more. I want to play some of the sounds that are beyond reverb and this pedal has a lot of those. I really like this one. As you can see, it inspires a lot of ideas!

Alex Skolnick on X-SPACE

Week 2

This week Alex dives into the AmpliTube X-TIME delay pedal. Watch as he explores a sampling of its many delays and features.

Alex Skolnick on X-TIME

All of these sounds inspire different ideas. There's so much fun you can have with this and that's just a fraction of what can be done on the X-TIME.

Alex Skolnick on X-TIME

Week 3

For this 3rd episode, Alex explores the AmpliTube X-VIBE modulation pedal. Watch as he plays through a variety of luxurious presets.

Alex Skolnick on X-VIBE

That seriously reminds me of those sounds that you used to have to go into a major recording studio and use one of these big expensive rack units to get. It's that quality in this little pedal.

Alex Skolnick on X-VIBE

Week 4

In this 4th episode, Alex checks out some of the classic and more modern tones of AmpliTube X-DRIVE. Watch along as he then connects X-DRIVE to X-TIME to create a killer sound for soloing.

Alex Skolnick on X-DRIVE

A lot of these tones remind me of being in the studio. Just getting that quality of digital gear that's usually a lot more costly and a lot bigger too. It's so convenient, affordable, works as your interface and with your AmpliTube software. I highly recommend it.

Alex Skolnick on X-DRIVE

Come back each week for the rest of the series with Alex!

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