21 Dec 2021

X-GEAR With Skunk Anansie

Guitarist Ace: “I can see that they’ll absolutely slaughter it in the studio and onstage.”

IK sent all four AmpliTube X-GEAR pedals for review to Skunk Anansie guitarist Ace, a pedal aficionado for many years. Following some time spent with the gear, Ace speaks to MusicRadar and offers his take on the features and highlights of our boutique digital pedals.

The extensive MusicRadar interview is a great read for pedal enthusiasts and you'll find a link to it below. Here are some highlights of what Ace has to say on AmpliTube X-GEAR.

"First of all, they look great! A good-looking pedal is always really exciting because if it looks good, your mind already thinks it's going to sound good!

"Another cool thing is they've got lots of presets, and I think the presets are awesome. Green, that's a Tube Screamer, I know that sound. I started tweaking.

Yeah, that sounds really good, like a Tube Screamer, like I use.

Skunk Anansie guitarist Ace

On multi-effects pedals
"Normally I don't like multi-effects pedals, because I think 'They're just using the same circuit, and it all kind of sounds the same and it's a bit thin,' right? But these ones aren't like that, they actually do sound good.

When you see the read-outs, it's really easy to read and you know exactly what you're stepping on.

Skunk Anansie guitarist Ace

"If you're a traveling player, and you've got 4 of these – which is definitely enough to do a really good rock set – you could put them on your back when you go on a plane.

And that's the way music is going now. It's about traveling light. Going in, doing a gig, hiring an amp, getting on a plane and getting out again.

Skunk Anansie guitarist Ace

Ace's favorite tones
"You've got 16 different types of pedals on each, I'm looking at the Vibe pedal right now and I've got most of the pedals that this is based on – the Small Stone, the Electric Mistress, all that type of stuff – and it does sound like them. The sounds are the most important thing."

For people that don't know how to get a good sound straight away, the presets are fantastic. I do have to say, they're properly good sounds.

Skunk Anansie guitarist Ace

Final thoughts
"If I owned no other pedals, and I had these, I can see that they'll absolutely slaughter it in the studio and onstage. You could definitely model an entire setup with just these, and that's your setup."

See the full range of AmpliTube X-Gear pedals.

Read the full MusicRadar article HERE.


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