17 Dec 2021

Stream Solo and Pro Review

MusicTech: “Highly portable audio interfaces for recording and broadcasting.”

MusicTech recently published an in-depth review comparing IK's new iRig Stream Solo and iRig Stream Pro giving them a combined score of 8/10.

MusicTech regularly reviews IK products and is a great resource for musicians seeking advice on all kinds of musical gear including controllers, DAWs, DJ, hardware, instruments, loops and plug-ins. You can visit their website HERE.

Here's some of what MusicTech have to say about our two new mobile interfaces for streaming:

iRig Stream Solo

"The idea behind the iRig Stream is that you can use the RCA inputs to connect a mixer, DJ setup or keyboard and also use the combined mic/headphone mini jack socket to monitor and speak over that signal – for example, broadcasting yourself performing a DJ set.

The Solo will suit anyone who needs to record or broadcast their vocals together with another source like turntables or a CD system and perhaps mix in audio from a phone app as well.

MusicTech on iRig Stream Solo

"The output is sent to your mobile device in mono and can be used by apps like Instagram as part of a broadcast or recording. You can also use the "loopback" option to mix audio sent from the phone, say from a music app, into the whole signal. A "thru" port lets you send the output of the interface to an external mixer, speakers or another recording device."

iRig Stream Pro

"This larger model features up to four audio inputs. Again, you have the RCA input for a mixer or similar source, the headphone/mic input, and also a combined ¼ inch XLR combo jack for connecting a studio mic or a line-level source like a guitar or bass. This has 48V phantom power capability for use with condenser mics.

A Loopback+ mode lets you route channels 3 and 4 through audio apps for processing, essentially using them as live effects, as well as allowing audio from your phone back into the interface.

MusicTech on iRig Stream Pro

"You can use this to send your guitar signal to a guitar pedal app to add effects, after which it gets mixed back in for recording.

"The unit's electronics support up to 96kHz/24-bit sound, so getting studio-quality recording is not a problem. It can output its sound either in stereo or as four separate channels, which is useful for multitrack recording in a DAW like GarageBand."

MusicTech Conclusion

"The Solo is more for vlogging and live broadcasting of a DJ set or other performance via a mobile device. The Pro has that covered too, but adds features like computer support, an XLR input for more serious voice recording, multichannel output and an expanded Loopback capability that allows you to use apps to process your vocal or guitar prior to recording.

"Both interfaces perform very well, though if your needs are modest the Solo is good value; while the Pro perhaps sacrifices what might ideally be a couple more inputs for sheer portability, given its price."

MusicTech rating: 8/10

The verdict

+ Solo is an affordable way to expand I/O for your device
+ Both units are easy to use
+ Pro works across mobile and desktop systems
+ Both save buying a separate mixer if your needs are modest

Learn more about iRig Stream Solo

Learn about iRig Stream Pro

Read the full MusicTech review HERE


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