8 Mar 2022

How Deep Is X-⁠SPACE Reverb?

Watch as Riccardo Gioggi dives in to find out!

In this new video, Riccardo Gioggi dives deep into the AmpliTube X-SPACE reverb pedal. He shows us how much you can do with just one of the 16 onboard algorithms and makes a case for why a variety of reverbs is so useful.

And whatever sound you like while exploring an algorithm, you can quickly save as one of 300 storable presets and continue your tonequest.

There's much to discover in each AmpliTube X-⁠GEAR pedal. Whether it's X-⁠SPACE, X-⁠DRIVE, X-⁠VIBE or X-⁠TIME, their easy-to-navigate controls will guide you to find tones you'll love onstage and in the studio.

Let's check together one algorithm. I'm going to show you what you can achieve with this pedal. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can do anything!

Riccardo Gioggi

For other guitar gear reviews, visit Riccardo's YouTube channel HERE.

If you're on a tonequest, check out AmpliTube's 20th-Anniversary Celebration HERE for deals on X-⁠⁠GEAR effects pedals and more.


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