17 Mar 2022

Syntronik 2 MAX Gets 4.5 Stars

MusicRadar: “IK adds new synths, effects and tasty GUIs to its already generous softsynth.”

MusicRadar recently reviewed IK's Syntronik 2 MAX giving it a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

MusicRadar concludes that Syntronic 2 MAX is "A worthy compendium of classic synths that offers great samples alongside nicely crafted filtering options and stylish GUI."


  • Comprehensive suite of classics
  • Full-bodied sonic architecture, derived from samples
  • Mix-and-match filter employment
  • Layering capability is impressive

The review covers a lot of ground. Here are some highlights:

What is it?

"Syntronik's sound engine is sample-based, meaning that the initial sounds you hear are incredibly faithful. Its DRIFT technology promotes a degree of detuning, but it actually goes far further, varying phase and colour, alongside the pitch element. It's a potent combo.

"The filters are available universally. Some of the filters also offer a variable state which can include high, band and notch-pass filtering, alongside the prerequisite low pass. We also really loved the formant filter, providing vocalise as a stylish alternative to the original low-pass default."

One of the many highlights of this updated suite would be the addition of 11 new synth models. These could probably justify the price tag alone, but with the existing 22 synths, Syntronik 2 feels very complete.


Stack attack

"Editing can be undertaken within the environment of a standardised universal view. It also opens the modulation matrix, which provides deep complexity for programming mutations. But for our money, we love the visual treat of the original machines in GUI form as IK has spent quite a bit of time recreating lovely eye candy."

Vintage finality

There's an awful lot that we like about this suite; the sheer wealth of hearty sampled vintage-ness, the capacity to make the samples sound analogue, and then there's the beautifully designed GUIs.


"The GUIs are large in scale and very desirable as a result. You get the feel of the originals, without the component failure and excessive price tag, alongside a bewildering choice of popular stalwarts and unique oddities.

"It's an abundant collection with plenty for musicians and producers, from all walks of genre."

Read the full MusicRadar review HERE


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