29 Mar 2022

Create Your Virtual Pedalboard

MusicRadar’s 9 steps for using effects pedals effectively in AmpliTube 5

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In a recent article, MusicRadar takes you through the 9 basic steps of using effects pedals inside AmpliTube 5 to create guitar and bass tones that exceed the performance of actual hardware.

It's a good read and there's a link below to the full review. Here's a sample:

"The power of software imitations is increasing every year, and we're fast approaching a point where the right plug-ins can not only imitate what a pedal can do, but exceed it. One such software package is AmpliTube 5, an amp simulation and guitar gear modeling powerhouse from IK Multimedia."

IK's AmpliTube 5 lets you switch between different routing options from a single chain, parallel or series.


product image

step 1: "We've got a lead part in mind, but want to build its particular sound one element at a time."

product image

step 4: "Dragging the pedal to position right after the DI'd signal opens up the pedal visualizer, wherein we can tweak our pedal's sound even more."

product image

step 9: "With 600 measurements per speaker, there's no discernible advantage to miking up a genuine cab, over the potentially well-honed sound you can craft here."

"The tone is set, time to record!"

Read the full article HERE.


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