30 Mar 2022

MusicTech on Syntronik 2 MAX

“A dizzying array of synths at your fingertips.”

MusicTech recently reviewed IK's new Syntronik 2 MAX giving it a solid score and concluding that "Syntronik 2 is a cost-effective way to bring the sound of a bunch of classic synths to your setup."


  • Huge range of timbres, tones and styles
  • Extensive edit section allows the creation of all-new sounds
  • Well-stocked FX section adds depth
  • Onboard Arp and sequencing sections bring patches to life

From the review

"There's a wide selection of very usable presets plus the ability to customize patches and build entirely new sounds both by layering and by swapping out waveforms and filters and adding complex modulation assignments.

In-studio or onstage

"The Syntronik application is what elevates it beyond being simply a selection of synths. It can be dynamically resized to suit your needs and respond to control changes even in standalone mode, making it suitable for use in a live performance independently of a DAW.

The effects sound fantastic and bring added depth to any patch. They are also charmingly designed, which makes them more fun to use.


Sound-shaping tools

"One of the most powerful options here is to use the Wave Set Browser to mix and match individual oscillators to create a near-infinite combination of new sounds, especially when you factor in the number of filters you can add on top.

"A powerful modulation matrix expands on the capabilities of the original synths and enables much greater control on how sound is generated and processed.

Big sound, big picture

"Considering the amount of synthesis and potentially also effects processing going on, Syntronik is pretty kind to your CPU and system resources in general. Whether you want to just plug in and play, or delve deeper into designing custom patches, there's much here to like."

Read the full Syntronik 2 review HERE.

Learn more and see the latest offers for Syntronik 2 HERE.


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