12 Apr 2022

Discovering SampleTron 2

Professional Audio: “We took a closer look at a very special virtual instrument.”

Professional Audio in Germany posted a review of SampleTron 2. It describes the many sounds you get, using tape-based effects to alter your own samples and the other excellent effects that are included.

The conclusion is that SampleTron 2 offers "the sound of tape-based samplers with the almost unlimited possibilities of digital reproduction. If you are looking for special sounds and enjoy sound design, you should go here."

Here are some highlights translated from German. A link to the full review is below.

Operation is extremely simple. All parameters are logically divided into sections. Even beginners will find their way around this plug-in immediately.

Professional Audio

"IK Multimedia's SampleTron 2 brings a well-known vintage sample player format, actually based on Mellotron technology, into the present day.

"A comprehensive collection of samples of classic Mellotron and Chamberlin tapes and other acoustic sounds such as choirs, strings, brass, synth sounds, organ sounds, pianos, bass sounds and vocoder sounds that sound quite vintage thanks to the internal tape modeling technology. In addition, users can load and edit their own samples with SampleTron 2.

The user interface of IK Multimedia SampleTron 2 is one thing above all - clear. The attention to detail of the developers is particularly noteworthy here.

Professional Audio

"Users have more than 400 different so-called tracks or sounds at their disposal. Attack, release and tone for all loaded tracks can be changed simultaneously using the three rotary controls below. Individual editing is also possible in the so-called edit tab.

"At the top left is the Tape Effects panel. This is where the analog tape modeling is controlled. This can be regulated separately for each sound. The six controls Erosion, Noise, Wow, Bias, Tape Snaps and Flutter are available for this purpose. These setting options make the virtual tape audible and thus represent a very special sound design element.

"In addition, users can load their own samples via drag & drop and then edit them further via the instrument. You can also choose whether the samples used should find their place on the keyboard chromatically or based on the naming.

SampleTron 2 sounds quite modern despite its vintage claim - or maybe because of it. Trap and pop producers in particular should be enthusiastic about the possible sounds of the instrument.

Professional Audio

"The tape effect section can be used to create special sound designs that simulate the sound of the played sound almost perfectly and give each sound a good portion of uniqueness and warmth. I especially like the large number of sounds of real instruments. Flutes and organ sounds in particular benefit from the vintage sound that SampleTron 2 stands for."


"SampleTron 2 is a very special instrument that manages to provide the sound of tape-based samplers with the almost unlimited possibilities of digital reproduction. The large and high-quality sound library, the ease of use and the detailed graphic representation make this virtual instrument an experience.

"The effects available with IK Multimedia's SampleTron 2 are excellent. If you are looking for special sounds and enjoy sound design, you should go here."

Read the full Professional Audio review HERE.

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SampleTron 2



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