18 Apr 2022

Parlez-vous SampleTron 2?

Keyboards Recording: “Rediscover sounds that have become timeless.”

The French Magazine "Keyboards Recording" recently published an overview of SampleTron 2. The article presents the classic instruments that are included and discusses the variety of options for tweaking and creating your own sounds in SampleTron 2.

Outstanding Features:

  • MIDI Learn for all commands
  • Very good FX unit
  • Quick start
  • The iconic sounds of the Mellotron

A link to the full review in French can be found HERE. Below are some highlights in English.

"Let me take you down..."

"Every musician knows these first words of Lennon in Strawberry Fields Forever and certainly the first flute notes played on the Mellotron, which precede them.

"It is this atmosphere, among others, and the instruments that allowed them that IK Multimedia wishes to recreate on your hard drive with SampleTron 2."

On the Side of IK

IK emulates, improves and brings together in a single application, the emblematic machines of the genre and integrates others, which all benefit from the onboard processing and modeling.

Keyboards Recording

"SampleTron 2 brings together the Mellotron M300, M400, M400S and Mk II, adds sounds from the first tape keyboard, the Chamberlin M1, Mattel Optigan, Vako Orchestron or 360 Systems Digital Keyboard, the first synth to offer sampled sounds on electronic chips.

"SampleTron 2 includes copies of many original factory sounds and over 100 new sounds (over 400 audio tracks). These are processed with an effects unit, tape defect processes and amplification processors to add color and/or degradation to any sample."

SampleTron 2 Interface

"Count on about 10GB of data and samples to install on your hard drive. After setting the audio / MIDI environment, the interface of the model corresponding to the current preset appears. Expect a certain loading time between each sound change, between 1 and 5 seconds, depending on its complexity.

The 101 factory presets are called up with a click in the display, but you add your own as soon as you start working on the sound.

Keyboards Recording

"A click on Edit gives access to the content of the 3 tracks and their filling, according to emulated models, categories of instruments and sampled tracks. A second click switches the display to edit mode for the 3 tracks: volume, pan, fine-tune, transpose and range of notes on the keyboard. With 2 buttons per track, the user determines the split points of the keyboard or the play in layer mode.

"The sound then passes through a synth unit with filter and amplitude envelope for customization. Then, it passes through the effects rack, made up of a parametric EQ, a very complete modulation module, a stereo echo and vintage Plate reverb."

In Practice Use

"All the interface controls are MIDI "Learnable" and you quickly take pleasure in assigning the Attack, Tone, Release buttons, the Master Volume to your keyboard and fiddling with the settings in the Tape Effects area, intended to dirty the sound, depending on belt and/or machine wear.

"Navigating through the presets allows the (re)discovery of sounds present in the collective unconscious. Importing your own samples opens up the possibility of creating unique sounds, capable of taking advantage of the modeling engine and the effects included."

Why Choose SampleTron 2?

"With SampleTron 2, IK Multimedia is advancing the first version of its "Tron" sound emulation software, based on the reading of magnetic tapes. Taking advantage of its experience in all-round modeling, the Italian publisher proposes here to "recreate the magic" brought by the Mellotrons models and to (re)discover sounds that have become timeless."

Click HERE to see the latest deals and to learn more about SampleTron 2, also available for iPad HERE.

product image

SampleTron 2



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