13 Jun 2022

American Songwriter on MODO

“Virtually like playing real drums with a real drummer.”

American Songwriter just published a review of IK's MODO DRUM 1.5, covering the virtual instrument's new features and drum kits. With three versions to choose from, including the free MODO DRUM 1.5 CS, there's no reason not to have better-sounding drums for your next project.

Here are some highlights and a link to the full review below:

"With MODO DRUM 1.5, IK expands its physical modeling drum virtual instrument to 13 deeply customizable virtual drum kits and offers a wider choice of versions of those sets to suit just about any need.

A great choice for producers or drummers who want to take charge of a virtual instrument.

American Songwriter

"A key area of improvement for version 1.5 is the addition of three new drum kits to the MODO DRUM "Showroom": Silver, Brit Custom, and Metal. Each kit was developed by drum researchers at IK.

MODO DRUM's sounds aren't pre-recorded, added flexibility by playing drums in a virtual room, delivers sound quality of top sample-based programs without the huge memory footprint.

American Songwriter

Read the full American Songwriter review HERE.

Start enjoying more natural-sounding drums. Experience MODO DRUM 1.5 today.

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