29 Jun 2022

Atmos® Mixing with iLoud MTM

GRAMMY-winning Music Producer Andy Zulla on the advantages of IK’s compact monitors

IK is pleased to announce enhanced support for immersive audio with iLoud MTM studio monitors, which are now included in the Dolby Audio Room Design Tool.

To demonstrate how easy these speakers are to set up and how well they sound for Dolby Atmos®, GRAMMY-winner Andy Zulla produced this video. 

Andy was the studio designer and lead music mixer for the reality TV show Songhouse Live. For the show, he set up multiple studios using iLoud MTMs in a mansion full of Tik Tok influencers live-streaming to their millions of followers. He was responsible for overseeing the entire studio's technical operations and mixing all the weekly singles released through Capitol records.

I set up a pair in my mix room alongside my much more expensive main monitors. This is where I began to appreciate how great they sounded, especially for such small speakers.

Andy Zulla

"One of the things about the iLouds is they are small, light and have multiple mounting options. You can get a small adapter and mount the speakers onto mic stands, something I did for the side speakers and even more importantly the top-height speakers.

Once in place, the great thing about the iloud is the auto-calibration.

Andy Zulla

"Rather than needing to deal with setting up hardware and software for room calibration, with the iLouds all you need to do is plug in the mic and push a button on the back and it's done. What a time saver and an instant way to make these monitors sound even better!

Overall, the setup is sounding really amazing. What is especially satisfying is how well the iLoud Atmos mixes translate to the binaural down mix in headphones.

Andy Zulla

About the GRAMMY winner

Andy has created hit records with notable artists including Rod Stewart, Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys, Jessica Simpson, Michael Bolton, Teddy Geiger, Clay Aiken, Natalie Imbruglia, David Guetta, Heather Headley and Diana Ross. And for this, he has earned a GRAMMY, an Emmy, a Telly, and 20 Gold and Platinum albums.

As part of the American Idol team in the early seasons, Andy recorded and mixed the show's very first single. Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" skyrocketed to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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