29 Jul 2022


Watch the video from SumnSumnSumn HTK to hear IK’s FREE drum plug-in

In this recent video, YouTuber SumnSumnSumn HTK demos MODO DRUM CS, the free version of IK's newly expanded virtual drum instrument. The review covers the drum sounds, playing controls, studio effects and MIDI patterns that all come included. These may be the only virtual drums you need!

You're only going to get one drum kit, but I will say that the drum kit sounds absolutely amazing. This might be the best-sounding free drum kit out there right now.

SumnSumnSumn HTK

"What's cool about the mixer is that you can add different effects. It's got a bunch of different effects. You got a parametric EQ. You got compressors. You got a clipper, which is nice for that kick drum.

What's cool about this is that you can sample all the drums and you can test all the drums if you want to buy the full version.

SumnSumnSumn HTK

"So, it's just that simple. You can go in and edit if you want to change it. You can make it sound however you want. You can also go in and map each one of the drums to whichever key that you want. It's super simple.

This plug-in has a bunch of different grooves so it basically already has MIDI set up for you and it's got a bunch of different solid drum patterns.

SumnSumnSumn HTK

Visit SumnSumnSumn HTK's YouTube channel here.

Experience more natural-sounding drums with incredible control. Download MODO DRUM CS for FREE today.

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