26 Aug 2022

Tape Op on Mixing With MTM

“IK Multimedia is onto something with the iLoud MTM!”

Tape Op has a hands-on review of IK's iLoud MTM reference monitors. In it, the reviewer discusses the challenges of changing mixing locations and "the way that each new room brings with it different inconsistencies." And loves how simple it is to use the MTM's built-in calibration to quickly achieve "a significant increase in clarity."

Here are some highlights:

As recording continues to move further into the depths of the cramped three-bedroom apartment, the need for an accurate, compact, and user-friendly pair of monitors increases. IK Multimedia is onto something with the iLoud MTM.

Tape Op

"The MTMs are about 30 percent smaller than monitors of a similar caliber and come with low-profile, adjustable risers that allow you to find the perfect listening position without the need for speaker stands. Outfitted with two 3.5-inch midrange woofers and a 1-inch tweeter between, they are designed to produce a clear, directional nearfield listening experience.

The thing that sets these speakers apart from others is the built-in acoustic self-calibration system designed to minimize less-than-ideal room frequency response. The calibration was impossibly simple, and even at the lowest volume, there was a significant increase in clarity for me.

Tape Op

"The MTMs come with a reference microphone that plugs directly into the 1/8-inch jack on the back of each speaker. All you have to do is place the microphone in your preferred listening position, press the CAL button, wait about five seconds for the speaker to play a short and almost musical frequency sweep, then voilà – a customized acoustic preset!

And better yet, the MTMs are loud as hell. Not only will you enjoy their ease and clarity while mixing your friend's band and paying clients, they will also no doubt hold their own at a house party.

Tape Op

Read the full Tape Op review HERE.

Discover iLoud MTMs available in pairs, as singles and bundled with Total Studio 3.5 MAX.

product image

iLoud MTM - Pair white


product image

iLoud MTM - Pair black




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