7 Sep 2022

TONEX Live on ToneNET

Explore over 1,000 Tone Models of rare and sought-after gear for guitar and bass players

IK is pleased to announce that AmpliTube TONEX is now featured on ToneNET. Visit the new TONEX area where you can explore over 1,000 Premium Tone Models and hear audio demos of each.

As we prepare to release the complete TONEX Tone Modeling ecosystem, discover how well AI Machine Modeling™ works as you demo some of the best tones on the planet via ToneNET, the tone-sharing community for AmpliTube.

Soon you'll be able to plug in your own guitar or bass and experience fully the dynamic and organic feel of TONEX Tone Models. But for now, we invite you to browse the incredible variety of amps and effects available to you in the different TONEX versions.

When you open a TONEX Tone Model on ToneNET, you'll see which version(s) it comes with. There are 4 TONEX versions in all: TONEX CS (20 Tone Models), TONEX SE (200 Tone Models), TONEX (400 Tone Models) or TONEX MAX (1000 Tone Models).

Get started at www.tone.net/tonex

TONEX Player is what allows you to play TONEX Tone Models with an intuitive, easy-to-use workflow to keep you in your creative zone. Play, practice and record as a standalone or plug-in inside your favorite DAW, or directly inside AmpliTube 5. Wherever you are, always have the best possible tones right at your fingertips, including the Tone Models you create!

TONEX Player demo

Tone Modeling a real Dumble

Tone Modeling a MESA/Boogie Triple Rectifier

Tone Modeling a 1953 Fender Bassman

Learn more about AmpliTube TONEX HERE


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