20 Sep 2022

TONEX Capture First Look

“It's a really exciting product. It's actually replacing my existing reamp box.”

Jason Sadites is one of the first reviewers to get their hands on the TONEX Capture, the hardware component of IK's new TONEX Ecosystem. TONEX Capture makes it even easier to create your own Tone Models using TONEX software.

Watch as Jason covers all of the Capture's key features.

I think the IK Multimedia folks have really thought this through well and come up with an amazing product. They've knocked it out of the park and I don't have a negative thing to say about it.

Jason Sadites

"IK multimedia seems to be right on the verge of changing the game now. I am referring to the TONEX Ecosystem that they've announced. IK multimedia were kind enough to send over one of their hardware TONEX Capture units, a well-designed box. I was just blown away by how solid it is.

I would encourage anybody who's interested in this entire Ecosystem to take advantage of the great pricing on the preorder. I cannot wait to get my hands on the TONEX software!

Jason Sadites

Visit Jason's YouTube channel for more reviews.

Get started started with TONEX Capture.

product image

TONEX Capture with TONEX SE (includes 200 Premium Tone Models)



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