7 Dec 2022

TONEX Makes Waves

Users continue to sing praises for IK's new tone-modeling software

AmpliTube TONEX is out and the accolades are coming in fast. Users are praising the sound quality, the feel and the ability to model their own amps and stomps. Already, guitar and bass players have uploaded over 3,200 Tone Models to ToneNET and there's no slowing down in sight.

Here are just a few of the comments we received within the first few days of the TONEX release:

This thing absolutely ROCKS!!! The sound, the feel, it abounds and it's real!! Excellent job IK, I mean it's hard to stop using it to do anything else.

Heath Row on Cakewalk forum

The Dumble Overdrive captures are the best I've heard, and I have Nembrini's Dumble Overdrive and the Dumbles in BIASAmp 2 and TH-U. The Fender Deluxe captures sound real, not spongey or harsh and noisy. It's clear IK has a winner here.

Dave Polich on Gearspace

"So glad I pre-ordered this; it's absolutely amazing. It simply sounds like the real amps. Period. I don't play live gigs, so I'm fine with selling my amps and cabs now."
- Matt Allison on Gearspace

"A marvel in software engineering. Kudos to IK Multimedia. It's unbelievable how accurately TONEX captures your guitar sound!"
- Izztana Dark on YouTube

"I'm absolutely floored by this... I can't believe I'm legitimately turning my amps and cabs into a plug-in. It sounds basically identical. The way the models respond to boosters and volume changes on the guitar is rather special. It's a fantastic platform."
- Thomas Brunkard (that "Queen guy") on IK forum

Honestly... this is going to change the music industry. It is so, so good, I'm absolutely amazed. Aside from it sounding so real. It's the ease of use, you can get the sound in your head so quickly.

Another thing that I noticed is the lack of DI string sound that amp sims have, with this it's like you are actually hearing an amp in a room moving air.

aaronsmith on Gearspace

"The tones from this modeler are outstanding and extremely organic and dynamic in sound to my ears. It's like I could feel every nuance under my fingers whilst playing on my guitar. This really is a notch up above the rest, and I love that you can tweak it to taste as well. Bravo IK...Bravo!"
- outloaf on Gearspace

"OK, IK Multimedia, not sure what black magic you guys have done but I've been looking for "that" sound for a long time out of amp modelers. TONEX sounds absolutely amazing through my HX Stomp as a front-end. I have Helix floor, I've had both Kemper and Fractal stuff but this is something else, man!"
- Marius_DM on VI-Control forum

"Very convinced!!! I'm at a point of being speechless. They made this available that anybody can actually afford to do this without buying a super expensive piece of hardware. It's mind-blowing."
- Tavares Project on YouTube

Learn more about TONEX HERE.


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