20 Oct 2022

Michael Nielsen on TONEX

Capturing a Friedman DS Mini and MESA Quad preamp with TONEX vs. Kemper

This video review on AmpliTube TONEX from Michael Nielsen covers a lot of ground. Watch as he uses TONEX to capture two of his favorite rigs and then compares the results with the models he created using a Kemper. His conclusion: "TONEX is really great. It's doing a more accurate capture."

You know it's hard to tell without doing a double-blind A/B test, but it's close. There's an extra depth and it feels like there's a more three-dimensional space behind the frequencies. There's a richness around it.

Michael Nielsen

Today we are taking a look at what might become the future of tone capturing with IK Multimedia TONEX.

Michael Nielsen

"I've got a tone dialed in with what has long been my favorite amp, the Friedman Dirty Shirley Min... and this pedal, the Tim Pierce Overdrive from Rocket Audio. Let's see if we can capture it.

"This is the MESA Quad preamp famous for being a player in the Metallica days. Its classic Mesa Boogie Super Scoop has given other modelers an absolute nightmare to capture. So let's see how this does with a more high-gain sort of sound.

Again, it did a miracle because up to this point nothing can capture that really. So, pretty awesome.

Michael Nielsen

"TONEX handled it really well. It delivered something that was very representative and you have a nice parametric EQ inside TONEX so you could just do a little dip or add a little bottom. I'm very happy with it!"

Visit Michael Nielsen's YouTube channel HERE.

TONEX Capture is available now and includes TONEX SE with 200 Premium Tone Models and unlimited Tone Model creation and downloads from ToneNET. Or purchase TONEX software by choosing between 3 affordable versions HERE.

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TONEX Capture




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