1 Nov 2022

Jamie Slays Demos TONEX

Watch as he explores ToneNET playing epic drop B metal riffs along the way

In this video, Jamie Slays tries out AmpliTube TONEX and explores some of the free high-gain Tone Models on ToneNET. We're currently at over 2,000 user-created Tone Models you can demo and download with any version of TONEX.

These are bloody brilliant. You guys are doing a great job. They sound amazing. The only problem I would have is choosing one and then sticking with it. There's so much Choice!

Jamie Slays

You saw the genuine expression of excitement. I really really liked most of those, pretty much all of the high-gain ones. I would definitely use this. Might be my new go-to plug-in. Now I've said it on camera.

Jamie Slays

Visit Jamie's YouTube channel for more reviews.

Check out the intro pricing still available here on TONEX and TONEX MAX.

TONEX works as a standalone and plug-in for all the major DAWs, plus it's available seamlessly inside AmpliTube 5 with Tone Models appearing just like regular AmpliTube gear.

TONEX has two main sections: the Machine Modeler, where the AI Machine Modeling Tone Models are captured and generated, and the Player/Editor, where the Tone Models can be searched, browsed, played and their sound customized.

Plus, as Jamie demonstrates, the massive library of Tone Models on ToneNET can be accessed directly from TONEX software where you can instantly search, filter, demo and download Premium and user Tone Models.


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