8 Nov 2022

Sonic Drive Studio Tests TONEX

Can AmpliTube TONEX beat the Kemper when it comes to capturing tube amps?

In this new video, Sonic Drive Studio tests AmpliTube TONEX using fully produced music and individual tracks to compare the TONEX capture against the actual PRS MT 15 tube amplifier being modeled. Can you hear the difference?

Let's see if you guys can guess which one is the real amplifier and which one is the TONEX capture. I'm running both tones through the exact same impulse response.

Sonic Drive Studio

I'm impressed and I do feel that the TONEX captures are definitely more accurate than your average Kemper profile... and more accurate than the neural DSP Quad Cortex capture function.

Sonic Drive Studio

"So again, pretty darn close. With some extra tweaking, you can get the TONEX model to sound extremely close to the real deal. So it's quite impressive."

Visit the Sonic Drive Studio YouTube channel for more reviews

Check out the intro pricing still available here on TONEX and TONEX MAX.

TONEX works as a standalone and plug-in for all the major DAWs, plus it's available seamlessly inside AmpliTube 5 with Tone Models appearing just like regular AmpliTube gear.

TONEX has two main sections: the Machine Modeler, where the AI Machine Modeling Tone Models are captured and generated, and the Player/Editor, where the Tone Models can be searched, browsed, played and their sound customized.

Plus the massive library of Tone Models on ToneNET can be accessed directly from TONEX software where you can instantly search, filter, demo and download Premium and user Tone Models.


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